Choosing the right florist / balloon decorator for your event!

Everyone expects to receive a service they’ve paid for, and to actually get what they have requested! With regular stories on social media sites of scammers who have provided something sub-standard (such as balloons that don’t float) or worse, provided nothing at all, how do you find a balloon artist or florist you can trust? Read on for some key tips…

Ask for recommendations

Personal recommendation is a good way to find a reputable company. Ask friends or family, or post a question in a social media group local to your area. People are often keen to recommend people who they believe provide great products and fantastic service!

Look for accreditation

If there is a trade association linked to the service you require,    these will usually list their members and their contact details. For example, a reputable balloon decorator may belong to balloon industry trade associations NABAS or BAPIA. Alternatively (or additionally) the balloon artist may be a Qualatex Balloon Network (QBN) member or a fully qualified Certified Balloon Artist (CBA) . Being a CBA means they have undertaken a full programme of training and taken a practical exam which they must pass. Being linked to any of these programmes or associations means that the member is expected to work within business and environmental best practise guidelines.

Check for insurance

When asking for quotations, don’t be afraid to ask about the level of insurance cover held. NABAS members have £5 million public liability insurance as standard, and is usually another indicator that this member can be trusted.

Why cheapest isn’t always best

You’ve got your quotes back and there is a range of prices. Don’t just look at the price – you will be paying for the décor AND their level of expertise. Consider whether it is worth paying slightly more for someone who invests in ongoing training, and is likely to produce superior finished décor.

If a contract isn’t provided, ask why not

If you are ordering flowers or balloons for an event, you should expect to go through a process of discussing your options, expectations and any limitations with your florist or balloon decorator.  This should result in the best décor package for you, your occasion and your budget. It is standard practise for these details to be written into a contract for you to review and sign once you are satisfied it reflects your order. There may also be terms and conditions relating to hired items, payment terms, security deposits etc to read and sign, and this is also to be expected.

Don’t pay any money until you have received a copy of the contract which you are happy with. The contract exists to protect both you and your décor provider, and if a contract isn’t provided look for an alternative company to give you a quote.

By looking into these details in advance, you are much more likely to be delighted with the decor at your event!

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